Bring call, text, and form attribution data into Facebook's Ad Manager

Discover which Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads drive phone calls, text messages, and forms in real-time with CallRail's call tracking integration for Facebook.

CallRail brings your phone call conversions into Business Ad Manager seamlessly through Facebook's offline conversions API, so you view call data side-by-side with click data.

Optimize your social media marketing with call tracking and analytics that includes clicks, calls, text messages, and form completions.

facebook screenshot 1

Create custom and lookalike audiences from call data

CallRail's direct call tracking integration with Facebook will automatically use your call conversion data to create a custom audience. Optimize ad spend by excluding past callers from seeing ads aimed at driving new leads, or retarget past conversions with new ads encouraging them to call again.

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CallRail's custom audience can also be used to create a lookalike audience. A lookalike audience is a new group of people who share common characteristics with one of your existing custom target audience. Use call, text, and form data to improve your ad targeting and find more high-value customers.

Need help? See our support article for an in-depth technical resource.