CallRail + Mixpanel

Track Phone Call Conversions as Events in Mixpanel

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Deeper insights into website visitors

Mixpanel helps you optimize your marketing strategy by measuring the actions visitors take on your website. What if those actions are phone calls to your business? Gain a full picture of your website visitors’ offline and online activities by tracking phone calls, text messages, and form completions from CallRail within the Mixpanel interface.

Integrating CallRail and Mixpanel helps you cater your marketing strategy for valuable inbound phone call leads while boosting conversion and customer retention rates.

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Measure phone calls instead of pageviews

Once you’ve activated the Mixpanel integration within your CallRail account, you’ll be able to quickly view phone call data for the projects you’re working on in Mixpanel by use session-level tracking. Gain a better understanding of how your website drives calls, text messages and form interactions.

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