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Access online and offline conversion data in Bing Ads

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Track Success of Bing Ads Campaigns Campaigns

Our Bing Ads integration allows you to track which  keywords and campaigns are resulting in the highest conversions. With CallRail and Bing Ads, you’ll gain a complete view of your online PPC and website campaigns, alongside offline call and text data to really see what’s driving the most leads.

How Our Bing Ads Call Tracking Integration Works

Once integrated with Bing Ads, CallRail users can begin automatically pushing calls and texts into Bings Ads as Offline Conversion Events via Bing’s Offline Conversion feature. With Bing’s auto-tagging feature enabled, you can track online and offline interactions down to the source, UTM, and campaign level, regardless of where the conversion occurred.  CallRail’s dynamic number insertion technology will be able to pull in specific details about how a caller found your website within CallRail, including Bing Paid keywords, match type, ad position and device.

Track the performance of your Bing paid search ads to see which of your offers, ads, and keywords are most successful at driving conversions.

Benefits of integrating CallRail and Bing Ads:

  • Discover how many calls and texts your Bing Ads are driving
  • View online and offline attribution data within a single platform
  • Have a holistic view of a buyer’s cross-platform journey
  • Gain access to real-time call and text reporting on your conversions from Bing Paid Search campaigns
  • Track phone call and text conversions from your Bing Ads down to the keyword and campaign level
  • Gain added insights into the quality of your Bing Ads leads with Conversation Intelligence
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