See which marketing sources, keywords, and landing pages drive calls to your AMP websites.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source project designed to create faster mobile experiences for visitors by building quicker-loading mobile websites.

AMP pages function much like a lightweight version of HTML, thereby significantly speeding up page load, enabling pages to load almost instantaneously, in less than a second. It also gives publishers and advertisers increased flexibility in how and where their content is presented.

Why integrate CallRail with AMP?

CallRail’s AMP integration allows you to use our Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) functionality on AMP pages. By utilizing DNI, you’ll unlock the full power of CallRail’s attribution capabilities. These capabilities include visitor-level tracking data, which provides insight into individual visitor activity, including the keywords that lead them to your site. Combined with AMP, you’ll be able to leverage the benefits of call, text, and form tracking while delivering an optimized, streamlined mobile web experience.

Using dynamic number insertion on your optimized landing pages lets you:

  • Track phone calls and attribution data from AMP landing pages
  • Increase customer likelihood to call your business with near real-time page loads
  • Optimize Google rankings with increased mobile page speeds

Technical questions? Check out our support article for more answers.