Optimize your bidding strategies and PPC campaigns by factoring in call conversions

Acquisio is a bid management platform that allows marketers to manage search, social, and display advertising all in one place. It tracks the campaign performance of advertisements across multiple channels and advertising platforms, and uses AI to optimize your PPC keyword bidding strategy.

Integrating CallRail and Acquisio

Acquisio tracks your digital marketing efforts to see which ppc campaigns and keywords are generating conversions. Based on this data, it automatically adjusts your keyword bidding strategy. While Acquisio can track a variety of online conversion metrics based on clicks, it cannot track conversions made over the phone.

CallRail's call tracking integration with Acquisio automatically sends phone call conversions to the Acquisio platform, so you can factor in these important conversion types in your PPC bidding strategies. For more information on the integration, see our blog post or support article. You can also learn more over at Acquisio.

Use our Acquisio integration to:

  • Optimize bidding rules and campaign reports by including call conversions.
  • Track both online and offline conversions.
  • Trace every call conversion back to the PPC keyword that drove it.