Call Tracking Integrations for Analytics & CRM

Integrate Your Phone Call Analytics for Deeper Marketing Insights

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CallRail’s built-in data connector will allow you to choose which call data points you’d like to display in Google Data Studio.

Every time someone calls your tracking number, we send the call to your Google Analytics account.

Report phone calls from your PPC ads as conversions in AdWords.

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Customize how leads are created within Salesforce when an incoming call is received.

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View phone calls and create workflows side-by-side with online activity in HubSpot.

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Use CallRail's Direct Connect integration to access phone call and SMS data in Marketo's lead activity log.

Track phone calls and text messages from Unbounce landing pages and report them as conversions.

Use the CallRail WordPress plugin to easily install dynamic number insertion on your WordPress website.

Premium Integration

Optimize bid management with integrated phone call conversions.

Premium Integration

Integrate call analytics and bid management to optimize your digital marketing for more quality phone call leads.

Gain access to keyword data to optimize and improve your Google AdWords call extension campaigns.

Integrate CallRail with 700+ popular software products using Zapier's powerful pre-configured integrations.

Connecting CallRail to Optimizely gives you the full picture of conversions, from phone calls to text messages.

Track phone calls and text messages as conversions within Visual Website Optimizer.

Premium Integration

Use calls to bid smarter and get call conversion data for all your campaigns with CallRail for Acquisio.

Track which keywords and campaigns are resulting in the highest phone call conversions.

Receive real-time information about your callers and push leads into your PipelineDeals account.

Connect the dots between phone calls, website activity, email opens and clicks.

Bring call, text message, and form submission data from CallRail right into Slack.

Get notified in HipChat when you receive a call, text, or form submission from a CallRail tracking phone number.

Boost conversion rates by tracking phone calls as events in Mixpanel.

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