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Measure the true ROI of advertising with integrated HubSpot reporting

Using the new HubSpot Engagements API, CallRail automatically creates new leads from phone calls inside of HubSpot or adds phone calls as an activity to existing contacts.

CallRail’s updated integration with HubSpot brings more robust phone call analytics,  and now recordings, directly into the HubSpot platform for more powerful reporting.

Track marketing efforts in both the online and offline world by sending phone call and text message data from CallRail directly into HubSpot’s lead activity timeline.

Track and measure your full marketing funnel with robust, granular inbound phone call and text message reports.

Listen to call recordings, view impactful phone call data including marketing source and PPC keyword, all inside your standard HubSpot work flows. 

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*CallRail customers will have access to activate CallRail's HubSpot integration on the Starter Plan for 30 days. This offer and the HubSpot integration must be activated by an account's CallRail administrator. After 30 days, the administrator of the account must upgrade to the Pro plan in order to continue use of the HubSpot integration. For questions, please email

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