Customizable reporting,
without platform bias

Ad platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook tend to focus on showing what performs best in their system. We aim to solve this problem by giving you an unbiased, holistic view.

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Give credit where it’s due with in-app attribution models

This customizable report allows you to pick specific stages in the sales funnel to see which touchpoints are most or least successful. Businesses have different goals when it comes to their marketing strategy. For that reason, we built lead reporting to be agile and flexible. Apply different attribution models to your cost per lead reports to give proper credit to the milestone that’s most important to you.

Qualified model of a formModel attribution chart

Prove the value of your campaigns with sleek, quality reporting

Pick and choose datasets and graphs that keep your clients focused on the metrics demonstrating the impact of your work. You can drill down into specific timeframes or sort by a specific source or campaign. And once you’ve sorted and customized your report, you can export it to multiple formats.

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