Simulcall & Round Robin

Ring Multiple Phones Simultaneously or in Sequential Order



Ring Multiple Phones Simultaneously

CallRail has several custom call routing options for teams looking to route calls to several agents at once. Simulcall allows you to ring up to ten phone simultaneously, and the caller will be connected to the first person who answers the call.



This is ideal for sales or support teams looking to route phone calls to multiple agents at once. You can also select to route previous callers to the number that answered the last time they called to improve customer service.


Ring Multiple Phones in a Pre-Determined Order

Using CallRail’s Round Robin step, you can sequentially route phone calls to multiple destination numbers. You can set a specific amount of time that each number in the queue should ring before moving on to the next number. You can also use CallRail’s Round Robin feature with a weighted distribution, so certain destination numbers take calls more often.



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