Responsive Routing

Conditionally route callers by actions taken on your website, lead status, and more

Route Calls Based on Custom Criteria

Help your customers find the fastest resolution in the shortest amount of time. Using our call automation technology, phone calls be analyzed and routed in real-time.  Route callers by ad, marketing campaign, web page, or search keyword to increase conversions and overall efficiency. These calls can be sent to a particular group of agents with expertise in that area, or a product-specific menu or greeting.



Automating the customer experience helps you optimize the chances of your calls converting to revenue and improves customer satisfaction. Endless possibilities and a simple interface allow you to quickly create new phone call routing scenarios specific to your business.


Responsive routing allows you to route callers based on the following criteria:

  • First time or repeat caller
  • Previous CallScore lead status
  • Marketing source (Direct, PPC, & Organic)
  • Search keyword
  • Landing page
  • Marketing campaign
  • Referring source


Simple Call Routing Configurations for Every Campaign

CallRail’s responsive call routing can be accessed through a simple, rules-based interface to set up many different configurations and update them at any time. No development work is needed to enable responsive phone call routing



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