Build and Update a Custom IVR Menu

Save Time with Customizable Phone Menus

Interactive Menus


Direct Calls Where They Need to Go

CallRail’s hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) makes it easy to direct calls where you need them to go by prompting the caller to select from a menu of options using the keypad of their phone. CallRail’s IVR works with any phone setup and is ideal for custom call routing and lead qualification.


CallRail Menu Step IVR


Customize CallRail’s inbound IVR menu to route callers using a wide variety of options, including the caller’s geography, previous caller status, time of day, and much more. With CallRail’s simple IVR setup in the Call Flow Builder, you’ll be able to guide your callers through the best call routing options.


Getting Started with CallRail’s IVR is Easy

Save time by not asking callers who they need to speak to, or redirecting their calls. Customize your message for callers by typing in a prompt, uploading an audio file, or recording a message directly within CallRail. We support text-to-speech in five different languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Set up as many menus as you need for lead qualification or build multi-level interactive menus without having to use a complex PBX or purchase an outdated software.


CallRail IVR


Decide what will happen after the caller chooses a menu step you’ve configured, by utilizing the other robust features in CallRail’s Call Flow Builder including dialing another number, playing a voicemail, or even sending the caller to another menu.

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