Custom Greeting

Unique Audio Messages for Callers

Custom Greeting

Upload, type, or record your own custom greeting, which will play to the caller before the call is connected, and configure this step at any time during a call flow.

Add a greeting to a phone call


We offer three options for creating greetings:

  1. Upload a Recording: Upload an .mp3, .m4a, or .wav file you would like to have played to your callers.
  2. Create a Recording: Use your computer’s microphone to record a message.
  3. Voice Synthesizer: Type arbitrary text in the “Greeting” field and our voice synthesizer will read it to the caller. CallRail supports text-to-speech in five languages including English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Greetings can be used to inform your callers of the next step in your Call Flow, or in conjunction with call recordings to announce that the call is being recorded. 

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