Place outbound calls with your tracking phone numbers

Optimize for the fastest lead response time

Help your team manage their leads and engage with customers by using your call tracking numbers to place outbound calls. Outbound call tracking allows you to respond to leads faster by showing you which calls still need to be returned, allowing you to return and track those calls right from your dashboard.

How CallRail’s outbound calling works

CallRail’s outbound calling capabilities come standard with every account. Once you initiate an outbound call, we’ll call you to connect your personal or business line to your tracking number. When you answer on your end, we’ll prompt you to connect, then dial the recipient for you. You’ll also have the option of recording each outbound call you or your team places.

When you place an outbound call, from the recipient’s perspective, it’s just like you called them directly from your phone, except your tracking phone number will show up on their caller ID.

Record your team’s outbound calls

Get deeper insight into how outbound calls are handled. Each time you place a call, you’ll have the option to record the call to review later. These outbound recordings help you coach and monitor your sales and support teams, all while ensuring your customer service is top-notch.