Ensure you’re staffed for peak call times

Measure call volume by hour, day, and time

Phone calls are one of the fastest ways to connect with your customers. Ensure you’re available during peak call times for your business with our Calls by Day and Time report.


This report lays out call volume by day of the week and lets you drill into the hours of the day that receive the most phone calls. You can chart the trends of your inbound phone calls with filtering options that show you how your call volume changes over time.


Determine staffing needs by tracking missed calls

Capture missed opportunities and ensure you’re staffed at peak call times. Our Missed Calls report compares answered calls against your missed calls for each day of the week. We’ll also automatically display the percentage of missed calls over the date range you’ve chosen for your report.

These insights help you understand peak missed call times, giving you the chance to increase the number of agents available to take calls so you don’t miss any sales. You’ll also be able to drill down into individual sets of missed calls by hour to see whose call you missed so reach out to them.