Lead Center

Engage with customers with our browser-based softphone

Increase sales and improve customer service

CallRail’s Lead Center platform combines the power of your call tracking analytics with call center functionality. This all-in-one communication platform is home to your recent calls, text messages, and a browser-based softphone that helps you manage your calls.

Capture important call information

Eliminate the need for complicated and costly external phone systems by adding your team to Lead Center as Agents. From there, they’ll be able to place and receive calls directly from their internet browser. As soon as they answer a call, they’ll have instant access to important caller data such as the marketing source and caller history. They’ll also be able to write notes about the call to share with the team, and add call tags for reporting purposes during and after the call. No matter where your agents are located, they’ll keep your business moving with this powerful browser-based softphone conveniently at their fingertips.

Monitor conversations for quality and training

Lead Center contains our live call monitoring feature so you can listen in on calls for quality and training purposes. See which approaches are working best with your customers and implement them on a broader scale, or find coaching opportunities within your organization to increase your level of customer service.