Real-time insights on callers

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Get a live look at your inbound and outbound calls

Your call log details every call to and from your tracking phone numbers in real-time. Pinpoint key information and customize your call log to display the campaign and caller information you’re interested in seeing.

Drill-down to view full caller ID information, and gather details like a call’s duration and the sources, campaigns, PPC keywords, referrers, landing pages, and device types that led to the conversation. Shorten the feedback loop so you can make better marketing decisions faster.

  1. See which calls were detected as good leads to stay focused on customers ready to convert.
  2. Listen to [call recordings]( and categorize the call using call tags to convey the caller’s intent to the rest of your team.
  3. Discover which PPC keywords and marketing campaigns brought the caller to your business.
  4. Compare data across different date ranges to discover trends in one central and convenient location.


Your call analytics dashboard and voicemails can be exported as an Excel file or saved as a PDF document to share it with clients and colleagues. You can also use our white label call tracking solution to showcase your brand alongside the call data you’ve collected.