Track your calls like clicks

If you’re not tracking calls, you’re missing metrics.

You probably know which ads, campaigns, and keywords led to your most valuable clicks. But do you know which drove your most valuable calls?

Bridging the gap between online and offline data, call attribution proves your real ROI. So in addition to knowing which ad clicks led to conversions, you’ll see which billboards, mailers, flyers, and brochures created customers.

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Attribution for everybody

Attribution and analytics may sound daunting, but CallRail makes it easy. In a few clicks, you’ll know how your campaigns are performing and when your leads became customers.

Multichannel Lead Attribution

See each interaction every caller has with your business

Keyword Visitor-Level Tracking

Reveal overall marketing campaign effectiveness

Call Log

Get a live look at inbound and outbound call activity

Source-Level Tracking

Understand each buyer’s path to purchase

Power-up call attribution

The more you know, the more you’ll grow. So when you’re ready to dive deeper, CallRail makes it easy.

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If you don’t know which ads, keywords, and campaigns make your phone ring (or your texts ping), you don’t know your real ROI. Through attribution, Call Tracking connects your calls to your marketing. So before you pick up the phone, you’ll know why each caller’s calling — whether it’s an offer in an ad, a billboard, a flyer, or something else.

More than just satisfying curiosity, call attribution helps businesses market and spend smarter. If no one’s calling the number on your billboard, it’s probably not worth the cost. But if you’re getting dozens of calls from a mailer, you might want to do more like it.

Each online and offline marketing tactic gets its own, unique phone number, generated by CallRail. Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) automatically assigns tracking numbers to your online sources, from your website to your listings and ads.

Long story short, if you can put a phone number on it, you can track it.

Yes. CallRail offers source tracking and visitor tracking. Combine them to gain big-picture insights into your marketing’s effectiveness.

Source tracking measures overall campaign effectiveness. It reveals which campaigns (either online or offline) drive the most calls and texts to your business.
Visitor tracking illuminates each customers’ path to purchase It inking unique phone numbers to each visitor, it dynamically tracks how they navigate to, from, and around your website.

How’d you like to pinpoint the exact moment a lead became a customer? Multichannel lead attribution makes it possible. It also reveals each stop they made along their path to purchase. So you’ll see every interaction they had with the online and offline marketing channels that led them to your business.

When you know which marketing channels matter, you know which are worth the investment — and which aren’t. You’ll make better decisions and streamline the journey to conversion for future customers.

Your call log delivers real-time insights on callers, at a glance. This live look at every call to and from your tracking numbers reveals:

  • Caller ID information
  • Call duration
  • Call source (ad, keyword, or campaign)
  • Caller device

It also gives you access to call recordings, voicemails, and dashboards you can review, export, and share.

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