Keep your reports clean and accurate

Illustrated wet floor sign stating "Caution"

Get help fighting call spam and robodialers

CallRail’s spam-prevention technology ensures clean data in your call tracking reports and keeps your phone lines open to your real customers. This exclusive system is included automatically for every CallRail customer at __no additional cost__. Your marketing campaigns are protected from day one, without any manual setup in your account, and without having to allocate any cost to spam prevention in your marketing budget.

Our three-tiered approach to blocking call spam

To [help combat call spam](, our carrier partners age their inventory of phone numbers to ensure that they’re not receiving a high volume of calls. Then, CallRail moves the phone numbers into a private inventory and applies an even stricter standard. Phone numbers that receive unwanted calls are released and not made available to customers. We also maintain a relationship with a spam prevention partner that’s blocked more than a billion robocalls. This exchange gives your account access to a plethora of data that’s much greater than that of a single provider, making our spam prevention one of the leading tools in the industry.

  1. Our active spam monitoring systems target and block calls with patterns we’ve identified as spam or robodialers.
  2. We keep track of every single call that’s blocked or challenged, and we update our database of blacklisted callers daily.
  3. We’ve implemented additional defenses for calls to online tracking numbers, especially toll-free numbers, including removing unwanted calls from your analytics dashboard before they interfere with your reports.

We keep your data clean, your reports accurate, and your marketing campaigns running uninterrupted.