A better view: Why Chameleon Window Restoration switched to CallRail

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With settlers as early as the Bronze Age, Cambridge is a British city full of historic buildings — and really old wooden windows. Luckily for its businesses and residents, Chameleon Windows Restoration and Decoration calls the riverside city home.

For more than a decade, Chameleon has repaired, draft-proofed, and double-glazed sash windows across the region back to their former glory. They’ve garnered rave reviews along the way, including a five-star Google rating.

Chameleon Source:Chameleon Windows Restoration and Decoration

Chameleon has peeled back decades of grime, paint, and putty to restore stunning views of Cambridgeshire. There’s just one thing they couldn’t reveal:

Which calls came from their marketing campaigns.

Call data: Chameleon’s missing marketing metrics

“Around 60% of our leads come over the phone, but call data happened to be our number one analytics blind spot,” according to Chameleon Marketing Manager Dmitri Povshednyy. “We manually entered call details into spreadsheets. But we weren’t attributing calls to our advertising, so we didn’t know how to best allocate our marketing budget.”

To make matters worse, it was like Chameleon’s outsourced call center was on the dark side of the moon (apologies to Cambridge-born Roger Waters and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd).

“Our call center didn’t provide us with proper data. Just an invoice with the number of calls they handled each month,” noted Povshednyy. “We didn’t know how many calls were answered, and we couldn’t listen to calls to offer feedback.”

That’s when Povshednyy began researching call tracking providers. He decided to try one out.

Call tracking: right solution, wrong provider

“We were in the middle of onboarding a call tracking system. I was in contact with their support team. I spent half a day asking technical questions: Should we buy or rent phone numbers? How do I change our Google Analytics tracking codes? Then how do I replace them on our website? I had to get our developer involved.”

Things got complicated, but Povshednyy decided to forge ahead. That’s when implementation bogged down.

“We could not finish integration during the call tracking provider’s working hours, so I decided to carry on without them the next day. At some point, I started searching the internet for alternatives and came across CallRail.”

Intrigued, Povshednyy dug deeper. “I checked CallRail pricing, and it was competitive. I saw a screenshot of the interface on one of the web pages, and it looked beautiful. The transcription technology also impressed me.”

After confirming that CallRail worked with UK phone numbers, Povshednyy signed up.

“I had this feeling of magic happening”

Povshednyy shifted gears and found the CallRail experience was as different as night and day.

“I had a few questions for the CallRail support team, then I set up everything myself in a few hours. The UI, the way CallRail integrates with our website and other applications was smooth, native. I had this feeling of magic happening.”

Soon, Chameleon was using CallRail to see which ad campaigns were working. “We now collect very precise call source data. Consolidating it into our full marketing report helps us save resources and make better marketing decisions — faster.”

Chameleon also uses CallRail to automatically record calls, reducing human error associated with call reporting and saving its admin team “a lot of time.”

Povshednyy also appreciated how the app streamlines compliance. “Every caller hears aFocused on high-end restorations, Povshednyy notes, “we do not do callouts to fix one sa message that their call will be recorded. I just type what I want the message to say, and it’s converted to voice. It’s a simple way for us to comply with regulations.”

Call quality has also improved. With “full visibility into and control over” their third-party call center, Povshednyy says, “We now give them feedback regularly.”

Call Tracking makes a big impact on a small business

Focused on high-end restorations, Povshednyy notes, “we do not do callouts to fix one sash rope or replace cracked glass… We work in the wooden window restoration market, and we specialize in large projects.”

This means the impact of CallRail Call Tracking on the locally-loved business was significant.

After seeing ROI in their first few weeks as CallRail customers, Povshednyy projects, “we will save £10-20k ($14k-28k US) in advertising budget over the next 6 months because of the insight we gained. And we will probably gain an extra £50-80k ($70k-112k) in revenue.”

Open a window on your marketing investment. Try CallRail free for 14 days.