When it Comes to Purchasing, Calling is Still King

IPSOS conducted a study of 3,000 US smartphone users on behalf of Google–and it confirms what we already know about making important purchase decisions over the phone.

The Truth About Mobile Callers in Numbers:

  • 61% of mobile callers are ready to convert
  • 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results
  • 47% of mobile search users said they would “explore other brands” if they didn’t quickly find a phone number
  • 76% would use call features to schedule an appointment for professional services

Three Things to Remember

  1. Callers are Valuable Leads
    According to the study, many calls take place when the potential consumer is ready to buy or is moving closer in consideration of a purchase. This means that callers are extremely valuable leads, so setting up a system of answering calls, getting callers answers to the questions they need, and following up with phone calls is paramount to your business.
  2. If They Can’t Call You, They’ll Call Someone Else
    The study also found that if a potential consumer cannot easily find a businesses’ phone number, they’re likely to move forward with a competitor. That’s why it’s important to make it easy for potential consumers to find  your phone number on your site and in search results.
  3. Make Sure You’re Not Losing Valuable Leads
    If you don’t know if your current call process is losing you valuable leads, applying call tracking software can help you either confirm that potential clients can easily reach your business, or show you that that you need to make changes to online listings or your website to prevent your company from losing valuable leads from mobile callers.

Callers are some of your most valuable leads, don’t let them slip through the cracks or lose them to a competitor; apply the strategies and tools you need to convert those callers into clients.