Round Robin is a call tracking software feature dedicated to distributing incoming calls within a set group of numbers. An incoming call forwards to the correct phone number –– the next available agent, the best agent for the call, or the correct mailbox.

How does Round Robin benefit marketers using call tracking?

For sales and marketing, Round Robin can be used to distribute evenly the number of calls to each team member, route the call based on the best agent to receive that call, or have certain numbers and members receive and manage a larger number of calls than others.

Benefits of Round Robin include the following:

  • Optimizing phone management
  • Sending calls to your best agents
  • Viewing more in-depth data on your calls

With the ability to manage incoming phone calls, Round Robin can be set to ring a specific number of times before moving to the next number in the group. This enhances the likelihood of each customer’s call being answered in a timely matter. Sales coaches also have the ability to arrange for their best sales agents to receive a larger amount of calls to their lines in order to provide the best possible customer service.


Using call tracking while managing your phone system not only streamlines how calls are distributed to a sales teams but also gives marketers the benefit of marketing analytics. Through round robin and call tracking, marketers have the ability to view which online and offline marketing campaigns are the most effective in driving phone calls and which may need improvement. Having the enhancements of call tracking allows marketing and sales to listen to call recordings to gain further insights into their potential leads.

Not only will you be able to view attribution for which online and offline marketing channels drove calls to your business, you’ll have access to call recordings so you know exactly what took place during the call. Call recording gives you crucial feedback on how calls are being handled by agents for coaching as well as lead qualification for campaign optimization.