What is a first time caller?

A first time caller is someone who has never called your business before. In call tracking, these new callers can represent an important segment of people for which sales and marketing teams can tailor information and strategies to ensure a good caller experience.

Why are first time callers important?

For some businesses, it’s important to treat first time callers and repeat callers differently because first time callers represent new business. For example, first time callers may be routed to a specific type of new business sales agent, while repeat callers can be routed to their typical account manager or support agent.

The data you can get about first time callers (as well as repeat callers) can be important in helping your phone representatives provide the best new caller experience. A whisper message that tells you which ad a caller clicked before dialing can inform an agent’s strategy regarding the best way to solve that person’s issues. For example, if the new lead clicked an ad about “air conditioner repair,” the person who answers the phone will know how best to meet the needs of that caller or the department where the call should be directed.

First time callers in Google Analytics

The CallRail-Google Analytics integration is another useful place to segment out first time callers versus repeat callers. Not only can you determine which pages a caller visited on your site before picking up the phone, you can parse out sessions and callers within Analytics.

By setting your Analytics call goals to be event-based and to divide out new callers from previous callers, you can get more accurate attribution data in your dashboards. CallRail’s Director of Product Engagement Jessica Spain explains how setting up first time caller data in Analytics is crucial to clean information for marketing and sales professionals.

Duplicate data can be confusing and you may not want multiple calls from the same visitor to be counted as multiple conversions. By isolating first-time callers you’ll have a better understanding of your marketing efforts, and you’ll be able to improve ROI by removing repeat customers, counting new leads, calculating prospective customers, and more.

While first time callers and repeat callers are equally as important for many businesses, each can benefit from a more personalized experience.

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