What are Whisper Messages?

Whisper messaging is a call tracking feature that informs your side of the line (before connecting) which marketing channel your potential lead is calling from.

With applications like CallRail’s visitor-level tracking, the whisper message will notify you of what keyword from what campaign led a caller to pick up the phone, making the call’s objective and marketing channel undeniably clear.

Why Should Businesses Use Whisper Messaging?

Whisper messages are beneficial to marketers and businesses taking advantage of both online and offline marketing efforts. With mobile search on the rise and continuing to grow, it’s imperative to track calls as a KPI. Providing a different tracking number for each campaign, whether displayed on a billboard or online ad, the message will relay the source of the call. With these tracking features, you can track your ROI by collecting more accurate data from each call and know which marketing channels are the most effective. Having the ability to fully understand what campaigns are most effective through the data provided allows you to properly allocate your marketing budget.

Features like whisper messaging allow you to know which marketing channel prompted the call before you even answer the phone, which allows you the edge of coming into the conversation fully prepared. It enables you to be direct without wasting time on rehearsed questions, and allows you and your client get to the source of the call more quickly. With more efficient conversations between employees and clients, client satisfaction may increase and the cost per call can drop significantly.

If someone takes the time to call a business, there’s a good chance they’re already halfway in the door. Being able to tailor your conversation based on your customer’s pre-existing needs means you’re more likely to convert said caller into a client.

At the end of the day, customer service is what makes the most memorable impact on the caller. Clients will remember interactions based on questions like…

  • How helpful was the person I spoke to?
  • Were they well informed and able to quickly answer my questions and concerns?

Understanding exactly why a potential customer has called before even speaking to them increases your efficiency during the call and improves the quality of the service they receive. Through whisper messaging, marketers and businesses can meet client needs more effectively by knowing what keywords and therefore what intentions helped drive the call.

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