Welcome to Call Tracking, Google.

Today, Google announced the launch of Google Website Call Conversions. There’s nothing that validates the value of what we’re doing quite like Google saying, “yes, let’s do that too”. We’ve known it was on the horizon, and now it goes live.

Phone Calls are Critical for Business

The message is unmistakable: Calls are critical.

For thousands of businesses that use CallRail, calls are the single most valuable type of lead.  In the local & mobile marketing world, clicks don’t matter — calls matter.

Today’s digital marketers rely on comprehensive data to make better decisions and optimize their campaigns, and Google’s tracking only scratches the surface.

CallRail: One Platform for All Your Phone Calls

CallRail’s call tracking platform offers more data on more calls. Here are just a few of the ways that our platform goes beyond basic Google Ads (formerly AdWords) call attribution:

  • More Than Google Ads: Track your PPC, SEO, digital, social, and offline marketing with one system.
  • Detailed Call Logs: Get the phone number, Caller ID, location, and caller and web visitor history for every call.
  • Call Recording: Record your incoming phone calls to identify leads and improve sales.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Send every call to the right destination with our powerful Call Flow Builder
  • Text Messaging: Communicate with your customers via voice and text.
  • Automatic Lead Identification: Use interactive menus to separate and tag sales opportunities vs. support and other calls.
  • Call Follow-Up: Track your outbound calls, return calls from the tracking number each customer associates with your business, and make calls using your business phone number from any device.

Stay In Control of Your Phone Numbers

Google Website Call Conversions and other call tracking systems don’t tell you which phone numbers point to your business.  We believe our customers should know which phone numbers they own.  Don’t let transient phone numbers cause you to miss business — CallRail allows you to stay in control of your phone numbers.

Settling the SEO Question: Does call tracking affect SEO?

For years, search marketers have debated whether call tracking via dynamic number insertion (DNI) was detrimental to SEO.  With Google now officially supporting the same JavaScript-powered DNI, it’s clear that those concerns have been alleviated.

Check out our article on Local SEO, DNI, and NAP Consistency for further proof.

Let Us Show You The Difference

We’d love to show you the additional power of CallRail call tracking.  If you have questions or want to chat you can contact us through our website or call us at support@callrail.com or call us at (888) 907-4718.

We Want To Hear From You

You’re the reason we’re here. Every day, we wake up determined to build the friendliest, most powerful call analytics platform available anywhere.  We want to hear from you: What features are you looking for in your call analytics software?