Webistry Increases Conversions by 400% with Call Tracking

Webistry Proves Value to Dental Client with Call Tracking, Leading to 400% Increase in Conversions

Webistry is a data-obsessed PPC and CRO agency, that drives most of their leads through paid traffic they can convert into leads and sales for their customers. They currently provide services for more than 70 customers across the US, Canada, and Europe. Webistry’s main marketing strength is conversion optimization through the use of landing pages. As most of their clients are providers in the service industry, tracking phone calls driven by campaigns was not just an option for them, but a necessity – especially if they want to be able to track customer campaigns on the keyword level. CallRail was the first solution they implemented for call tracking. “[CallRail] was the most user-friendly platform, had all the functionalities we needed, and was priced just right so we can include it in all our monthly pricing.” said, Jonathan Naccache, co-founder of Webistry.

Proving Value

One of their oldest clients, a dental practice, had been using Webistry for PPC and CRO services for more than five years but was adamently against using call tracking phone numbers. Jonathan had to get creative while explaining the value of call tracking to his client. “He did not want patients having 10 different tracking numbers for his clinic. The problem was that his method of tracking our performance was based on his surveys; he would ask each new patient where they found him and whether it was Google, Facebook, Referral, Radio, etc.”

This was problematic because that meant the client had to rely on a lead’s ability to remember where they found the dental practice and of course, their willingness to answer the questionnaire. “We would find ourselves having to convince our client that we were doing a good job, every single month, with the constant threat of losing him as a customer. When he expressed his desire to end our business relationship, we knew we had to take a stance,” said Jonathan.

A Confident Gamble

Jonathan knew they needed to prove to their client that they were providing more value than the client realized. He decided to make a wager, based on his confident assumption that they were driving more calls than the client realized.

“We made a bet with our client. We told him we would guarantee he was getting a certain amount of calls of which he wasn’t aware, and all thanks to us. We would prove this with one month of call tracking with only one tracking number for all his campaigns,” said Jonathan, “If we were wrong, he would get his one month of optimization free of charge. If we won, he would agree to use call tracking. Behold, he accepted.”

Once they’d made the wager, the results started to pour in. After just one month they were able to take credit for five times the amount of calls their client originally thought they drove for their business. Once they proved their value, they started implementing more call tracking services for the client.

“Now it was time to fully utilize call tracking. We finally convinced him to use many tracking numbers by explaining how we would know which campaigns and keywords brought him the most calls and this would enable us to allocate more money to the most profitable campaigns or keywords. We wanted to become his financial planners and increase his ROI. This led us to a 400% increase in conversions for that client over the next three months.”

The Proof in Numbers

Not only was Webistry able to see a 400% increase in conversion for their dental client, they’ve also witnessed how call tracking can impact every aspect of their business. Now that all of their clients use call tracking, they’ve noticed a jump in their client retention rate. “Ever since including CallRail for every single one of our clients and campaigns, we’ve seen an increase of 45% in our client retention.”

One of the ways that Webistry provides value for their clients is through landing page optimization, and according to Jonathan, integrating Unbounce’s landing page solution with CallRail has enabled them to increase their value for customers and sales. “We’ve seen an increase of 23% in sales ever since we’ve started using CallRail with landing pages through Unbounce – it’s one of our main offerings.” They’ve also been able to confidently increase ad spend for their customers, now that their customers know exactly what drives conversions for their business. “One of our clients increased his ad spend by 400% year over year now that he can attribute his increase in patients to our marketing efforts.”

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