What sets a company apart from the rest? Profit margins, stellar customer service, consistent innovation? At CallRail, we believe what defines a company transcends material success. We prioritize hard work and strive to surpass our business goals, but we know that at the heart of a company, there are people.

Every day, our employees go above and beyond to serve our customers. Whether that’s a member of the sales team connecting a customer with the best service for their business, our success team working to ensure any needs are addressed in a timely manner, or our support team adeptly handling technical issues, CallRail’s employees value our customers’ success.

Travel over to our development and product departments, and you’ll find skilled engineers, UX designers, technical writers, and product owners working to bring you the very best feature updates and innovations to streamline your call tracking experience.

If you’ve visited a trade show or interact with us on social media, you’ll meet the marketing and sales team, who work hard to connect our customers to helpful resources, product releases and give an inside glimpse into our culture at CallRail. And of course, we all depend wholly on our admin team to keep the office running smoothly!

At CallRail, we abide by the policy that if you get your work done and do it well, you should have the flexibility to work in a way that empowers you to succeed. Our CEO, Andy Powell, puts it this way, “I feel like if everyone is enthusiastic about being here, that spills over to customers. If you’re happy and feel valued at work, you’ll deal positively with customers.”

It doesn’t stop there. Our employees recently shared their thoughts on what defines CallRail’s culture for them:

“We have a collaborative work environment that’s all about helping one another be successful and still have fun.”

~ Alyson Watson, Product Owner

“At CallRail, you have the freedom to imagine, create and see your own projects come to life.”

~ Katherine Hosmer, UX Content Director

“CallRail’s culture means being surrounded by people who truly care about the product and future direction of the company. Putting blood, sweat, and tears into every project, large or small. Working insanely hard, but knowing how and when to unwind and play Mario Kart.”

~ Adam Hofman, Knowledge Manager

“These are some of the most talented passionate and compassionate co-workers that I've ever had the privilege of working with.”

~ Jason Rozenblat, VP of Sales

“One of our core values is “respect everyone,” and you see that regardless of who you interact with at CallRail. Their willingness to share information. Their willingness to help. Their willingness to continuously improve and help you improve is something I really admire.”

~ Kurdeen Karim, Director of IT and Infrastructure

“CallRail’s company culture is a great intersection between hard working, passionate people and laid-back, fun energy. There is a lot of mutual respect and trust that we’re all working towards the same goal: building something together that will be useful and helpful for our customers.”

~ Kara Kelly, Director of UX Design

“CallRail is not your typical company. We work hard and play harder. So much is done to make this a great company – team outings, company outings, ping pong and video games, diversity, beautiful office and location, food, beer, approachable management at all levels, opportunities to get to know each other and what each of us does within CallRail – and of course the highest standards when dealing with clients, developing our product and exceptional work ethics.”

~ Melissa Kerns, QA Engineer

“Work/life balance. This is the first time I’ve truly experienced it although it’s been advertised with each company I’ve worked for throughout my career. I’m trusted to do my work whether I’m at the office or remote, and CallRail truly believes in family first. That is huge for me and sets us apart from everyone else.”

~ Tameka Hughes, Customer Success Manager

"Everybody has all this experience from all different types of companies and it’s truly enjoyable to work with them across departments. It’s truly rare that you just get along with literally everybody. We have shared goals. We win together, we lose together, recover together and that's really important."

~ Amanda Coffelt, Graphic Designer

“A collective of collaborative and open-minded individuals with a foundation of inclusive acceptance…we ride hard for each other all day, every day, no matter what.”

~ Ryan Johnson, Senior Vice President of Product

“All of my co-workers are very intelligent and driven. They care about each other as well as the success of the company. We also have incredible leadership. Our culture and values make CallRail an incredible place to work.”

~ Raluca Evans, Sales Manager

Because of the unique blend of people, personalities, and backgrounds that make up Team CallRail, we’re excited to highlight the people behind the product we’re so proud of through a series of spotlight interviews. We’re also rolling out our new company culture hashtag, #WeAreCallRail. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for updates on when our spotlights will be released, or just search the hashtag!

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Originally published March 6, 2017, updated November 4, 2020.