You want to know what content converts customers best. Running experiments on your website to capture that data is an easy way to understand how your website visitors convert. One of the most popular ways marketers capture this information is through A/B testing. But what aspect of your website drives the most phone calls? CallRail’s integration with Visual Website Optimizer answers this question for you by tracking your phone call and text conversions within your VWO campaigns.


Call Analytics for Website Optimization

Visual Website Optimizer is one of the top tools in the marketing industry for A/B testing your content and landing pages. Known for its ease of use and in-depth experiments, VWO allows you to A/B test different versions of your website to see which variation performs best. While seeing the impact of your website content is a major component of these tests, we can’t forget about the ultimate sweet spot of your website: the telephone number.

See the Impact of Your Calls

CallRail’s integration with VWO allows you to count phone calls and text messages received by your call tracking numbers as conversions within your VWO campaigns. Seeing how each version of your website prompts your customers to pick up the phone and call your business gives you the power to make educated decisions when it comes to the content, design, and usability of your website.

Not only will your CallRail calls and text messages appear in VWO, you’ll also receive immediate insight into your callers within CallRail’s Lead Center. As customers call your business, the variation of the campaign they saw will appear in their caller details in Lead Center. This gives your team the opportunity to tailor conversations accordingly, convert leads faster, and build your website to be a mean, lean, lead-driving machine.


Integrating is Effortless

There are two simple steps to integrating a company within your CallRail account with Visual Website Optimizer.

Step 1. Enter your login details

Simply enter the email address you use to log into VWO and provide your account ID. This allows us to contact VWO on your behalf to let them know you’re ready to integrate. Once we hear back from VWO, we turn the integration on for you within your account.

Step 2. Authorize your account

Once we confirm that that your integration is ready, we’ll email you to guide you through the last step. This is simply clicking “Authorize” within the VWO integration page in CallRail so that we can automatically create a phone call and SMS goal within your VWO campaigns.

For any future campaigns you create in VWO, simply add CallRail’s phone call and SMS goals. Once your campaign is live, CallRail will send data to those goals as expected as soon as they’ve been added to your new campaigns.

Use your calls and texts to build high-converting websites. Integrate your CallRail account with VWO today!

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