Veterinary Practice Partners Decreases Directory Ad Spend with CallRail

Veterinary Practice Partners (VPP), located just outside of Philadelphia, partners with veterinarians and their teams to enhance their ability to provide outstanding companion animal care. As part of their services, they take partial ownership of businesses and run functions such as marketing, operations, accounting, and human resources. Their main goal is to take the business side of running a practice out of the hands of veterinarians so they can focus on what they do best – caring for pets. They currently serve 35 veterinary hospitals across the country.


One of VPP’s main strengths, especially when it comes to marketing campaigns, is their focus on data-driven decision-making. However, many of the small businesses they serve were making decisions based on gut instinct. VPP noticed that their veterinarians had a remarkable dedication to their craft and their clients, but struggled because of a limited ability to collect and analyze data or run effective marketing campaigns. Since veterinarians often run ads in phone books, magazines, local publications, and digital ads, it’s important that they have offline and online data to prove the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. VPP wanted to reduce the unknown for their clients as much as possible, so they decided to implement call tracking with CallRail.

When asked why VPP chose CallRail over other call tracking providers, Aura Mastraghin, Senior Marketing Manager at Veterinary Practice Partners recalled,  “We had been thinking about dynamic call tracking for a while, and the CallRail demo demonstrated that the service was clearly the most user-friendly, informative, robust, and reasonably-priced option out there.”


One of VPP’s goals with call attribution was to determine whether they should allocate time and money to a large website optimization project that would make a significant update to the SEO structure on their website. They decided to run a test for a two month period, and with CallRail call recording, they were able to listen to all of the calls from their website that were driven by Google Organic search.

“We essentially wanted to see out of all the people that find one of our websites through Google Organic and not Google Ads (AdWords), how many of them make an appointment at a practice, if they keep the appointment, and what the monetary value of the conversion is,” said Aura.

What they discovered through CallRail gave them a deeper understanding of how leads convert into customers as well as the confidence they needed to move forward with their SEO project.

“We discovered that 35 to 44 percent of unique callers from Google Organic scheduled an appointment. That made the SEO decision easy – with such a high conversion rate, we decided to focus on optimizing our websites to attract more visitors.”


With CallRail, VPP is able to identify which marketing channels and directories are actually driving phone call conversions and because of this, they were able to decrease their phone book advertising spend by more than 30%. They’ve also been surprised that their gut instinct on which marketing channels work best for their business hasn’t always been right. While reviewing call recordings for one of their clients, Aura was surprised to notice that advertisements from a marketing channel they often underestimated, Yelp, was not only driving calls but appointments.

“By listening to the calls and working with the hospital we could see that clients from Yelp scheduled an appointment and kept their visit. Right now that’s 10% of all of their tracked calls, but now that we know that channel has a higher conversion rate, we’ve increased the advertising spend for that channel.”

According to Aura, CallRail has enabled VPP to not only provide value through informed marketing, but also reflect their company’s core values to their clients as well, “One of VPP’s core values is ‘trust, integrity, and transparency’ and we seek to provide our partner hospitals with data to support our joint thought processes – CallRail has given us that visibility and transparency that has led to informed decision-making.”

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