How to Utilize Whisper Messages in Your Campaigns

It’s hard to remember a time before caller-ID, a time where we didn’t have the power to screen our calls and decide when and if we were going to answer them, send them to voicemail, or hand the receiver to someone else in the room.

Whisper messages are kind of like the caller-ID of marketing campaigns. They take the guesswork out of why someone is calling, giving you a contextual head start on what the conversation will be about so you’re more likely to convert that caller into a customer. These short messages play before a call is connected, so the person calling doesn’t hear the message, just you – the person answering the phone. For example, you can set up a whisper message to say “billboard ad” so you know if a call is coming from a tracking phone number you’ve displayed in a billboard marketing campaign.

Agency Marketer's Guide to Client Retention

If you haven’t already been reaping the benefits of whisper messaging in your call tracking campaigns, no worries – they’re quick and easy to set up, but more on that later. First, lets dig into how you can get the most out of using these messages for your marketing.

  • Instantly Know Which Campaign Drove a Call: Let’s say you’re running campaigns for a flower shop and you have a phone number connected to a Mother’s Day promotion. You can set up your whisper message so that when someone calls from the tracking number associated with that campaign you’ll be prompted with a recording that reads “Mother’s Day.” Once the conversation starts, you’ll be able to talk to them about the specific promotion immediately, making it more likely that you’ll convert them into a customer.
  • Save Time on Your Calls: Not only do whisper messages allow you to be more proactive about your calls, but you can get them to the right person at the right time without having to ask why they are calling. This reduced call handling time means you can get more done and close more deals.Get Granular Data on Calls: If you’re interested in more than just basic campaign attribution, whisper messages allow you to dig even deeper. You can set up whisper messages to tell you what location a caller is calling from, as well as what specific campaign drove the call. And bonus: if you use keyword-level call tracking, the whisper message can provide insight into what keywords the caller used to reach your site.

If You Don’t Have Whisper Messages Yet

Whisper message are free to add to each of the tracking numbers you create within the number creation wizard. Once your number is active, you’ll begin hearing the whisper message on calls received by this tracking number before the call is connected.

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