Use Call Recordings for More Conversions and Better Customer Experience

With the latest wave of innovative features we’ve released at CallRail, it’s easy to see call recording as antiquated in comparison. But the truth is, it’s one of the most powerful features you can implement into your marketing arsenal. We’ve seen our customers decrease ad spend, boost ROI, and make staffing decisions all by harnessing the power of call recording. With it, you not only know who is calling but why they’re calling – and if you’re looking to drastically improve your campaigns that’s a great place to start.

Call recording is more than just being able to hear conversations, it gives you the opportunity to understand what your clients need to not only increase retention but also conversion rates. Here are ways you can use call recording to ensure the quality of your customer experience while also driving more conversions.

Call Recording for Coaching Staff

Recording conversations between your staff and customers will get you valuable insight into how leads are being handled. For example, let’s say you’re an agency that is driving leads to your client but for some reason, you’re getting feedback that those leads aren’t converting. We’ve seen first hand that sometimes it’s what’s happening on the call that’s the problem and not the campaign itself. Making sure that your staff is asking the right questions, providing the right information, and doing their best to close leads is an important part of the lead conversion process. The good news is if your staff isn’t handling leads properly, coaching via call recording can fix this issue.

Call Recording for Lead Qualification

We’ve all experienced marketing campaigns that drive leads but don’t necessarily drive conversions – call recording helps you understand why. For example, let’s say you’re running a click-to-call campaign. You can see the campaign is driving clicks, but without call recording, you can’t qualify those clicks to make sure your ad copy and ad spend are driving the type of leads you want. This results in wasted marketing dollars when you could be optimizing your campaigns with the insight that listening to call recordings provides. Call recording saves you time and money by eliminating the guesswork behind what is driving high converting phone calls.

Start Recording Calls

Call recording comes standard with your call tracking account at no additional cost. Call recording can be turned on for your tracking numbers during the final set of the number creation wizard. There you can check the box to Record Calls and even set up a greeting to notify the caller that their call will be recorded.

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