Connect Unbounce and CallRail to boost conversions and learn more about campaign performance

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce historically has been a landing page platform that makes it easy to build pages and iterate new variations that you can then test against previous iterations. Recently, however, they’ve made a shift to focus on conversions as a whole, even dubbing themselves a “conversion platform” by adding an additional suite of tools to help your website as a whole convert better.

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How does the Unbounce integration with CallRail work?

On the simplest level, the integration makes it easy to import all your phone call conversions from CallRail into Unbounce. In fact, it will automatically show your phone call conversions in Unbounce once you’ve set up the integration in a few steps.

What are landing pages and how can I benefit from using a landing page tool?

Landing pages are just the pages of your website that visitors arrive on, or “land” at. In digital marketing, we’ll often refer to landing pages as pages designed specifically for use with marketing campaigns intended to convert prospects into customers or leads. The strategy behind making a successful, or high-converting, landing page varies from person to person, but the methods and metrics for measuring success are pretty consistent.

What are some examples of CallRail using Unbounce?

Any CallRail customers that are doing any online advertising could benefit from using Unbounce. Historically it’s primarily been a tool for PPC marketers, but as we’ve mentioned, Unbounce has made a bit of a shift, and now can help more than just those looking to build great landing pages. With the latter in mind – the scope of who can be helped expands greatly as anyone with a website can now benefit.

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So I should I use it or what?

Yes! Unbounce can be a very helpful tool for marketers looking to increase conversion rates both on their landing pages and on their main site. Additionally, with the CallRail integration, it makes it easy to see which pages are producing calls and driving business.

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