More than 100 small- and mid-size companies showed a 24% rise in the number of inbound calls over the past year, supporting the increasingly important role that phone tracking plays in a strong marketing arsenal.

CallRail measured the inbound call volume for a selection of companies on their platform. Companies were drawn from across services industries such as auto repair shops, hair salons, home improvement contractors, dentists and medical clinics.

According to Forrester, $28 billion will be transacted from mobile devices in business services categories like travel, food service, and restaurant ordering. In fact, Forrester projects that 29% of all online retail sales will be transacted on smart phones and tablets by the end of 2014.

This CallRail study is among the first evidence that correlates a measurable and significant increase in call volume from mobile devices.

“We know mobile is gaining traction, but even I was impressed with this kind of growth in raw business call volume,” says Andy Powell, co-founder and CEO of CallRail.“More and more calls are being sourced from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, where you can just touch a phone number and get connected.”

Kenneth Kohlmann, Internet Marketing Consultant at Shift Marketing Inc., an internet marketing firm and also a participant in the study, says,

“Call tracking for us is a necessity. It closes the gap on tracking full ROI. Conversions from phone calls have always been the unknown, and CallRail fills that void.”

  • Joseph

    Phone call tracking as you suggest is an old method that can not fit new businesses that needs to keep their catchy phone number. how you are going to help 0(800) movers? change their phone numbers? it will destroy their business

    i recommend you to use the product i am using –, no changing numbers at all

    • Mark P. Sullivan

      Great question, Joseph. Most businesses with Vanity phone numbers just port their numbers over to modern call tracking systems like CallRail. That way they keep the number they’ve invested in, and unleash the power of call tracking, analytics, and advanced call-routing. Sometimes it is possible to have your cake, and eat it to. 🙂

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