U.S. Companies Report 24% Spike in Inbound Call Volume

CallRail demonstrates year-over-year increase in calls, indicating solid growth for SMBs

More than 100 small- and mid-size companies showed a 24% rise in the number of inbound calls over the past year, supporting the increasingly important role that phone tracking plays in a strong marketing arsenal.

CallRail measured the inbound call volume for a selection of companies on their platform. Companies were drawn from across services industries such as auto repair shops, hair salons, home improvement contractors, dentists and medical clinics.

According to Forrester, $28 billion will be transacted from mobile devices in business services categories like travel, food service, and restaurant ordering. In fact, Forrester projects that 29% of all online retail sales will be transacted on smart phones and tablets by the end of 2014.

This CallRail study is among the first evidence that correlates a measurable and significant increase in call volume from mobile devices.

“We know mobile is gaining traction, but even I was impressed with this kind of growth in raw business call volume,” says Andy Powell, co-founder and CEO of CallRail.“More and more calls are being sourced from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, where you can just touch a phone number and get connected. We’re excited to see small businesses doing so well. Such compelling year-over-year growth in calls means businesses have even more reasons to invest in mobile marketing entering 2015. We believe when it’s this easy to click-to-call a business, understanding what marketing drove those calls should be just as easy.”

Kenneth Kohlmann, Internet Marketing Consultant at Shift Marketing Inc., an internet marketing firm and also a participant in the study, says,

“Call tracking for us is a necessity. It closes the gap on tracking full ROI. Conversions from phone calls have always been the unknown, and CallRail fills that void.”