Track Your Trade Show Marketing ROI

Should you include trade show sponsorships in your budget? In short, yes. But how do you know if your investment was worth it?

Managing your marketing dollars is already a challenge in itself, and the last thing you want to do is question whether those dollars were spent on the right trade show tactics. Among the heftiest expenses in your marketing spend are trade show execution costs, not to mention staffing and time spent coordinating the event – that’s why it’s important to understand if trade shows truly hold value in your marketing strategy.

Trade shows are targeted at a particular industry, giving your company the perfect chance to reach your target market with a more personalized approach. This is a great opportunity to raise brand awareness and even receive feedback. In fact, a study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research uncovered that 77 percent of trade show attendees are potential clients and 82 percent of attendees have buying authority in their company.

With the immense amount of data and opportunity made available to you at trade shows for lead capture, you can’t afford to miss out on converting those leads into customers. A simple solution for tracking post-show phone leads: call tracking. Prove the value of trade show marketing and convert more leads with these three easy steps:

  • Use unique call tracking numbers on all of your trade show marketing collateral.
  • When leads from the trade show call these numbers, you’ll be able to view data surrounding the call and forward the call to your business. Since you’ve assigned a unique number to each piece of collateral you’ll know which campaign drove the call, and give your sales team context so they can better manage the conversation.
  • Use the data to understand whether your trade show materials are capturing the attention of potential clients and motivating them to call.

With call tracking, you can easily attribute leads and pinpoint any revenue they generate. Attributing these leads gives you a better sense of what works and what doesn’t work in the trade show setting. Managing multiple channels is made easy, and this information arms your sales team with the key points they’ll need to take on calls from leads. By taking the extra steps to track your trade show ROI, your team can make more informed decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars.

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