How to use CallRail phone numbers for local marketing

Note: Erica Hawkins authored the original version of this blog post and contributed to the content below.

How often do you find yourself grabbing your cell phone to find a local business? Between living busy lives and having our smartphones constantly at our fingertips, it’s likely that you’re using your phone to manage the purchases you make and the businesses you visit. According to a recent study, 79 percent of smartphone users utilize local search, and 58 percent of users make at least one search a day.

To be successful with customers in a specific geographic area, it’s important to communicate a local presence. Even if you are in a different state, your prospects and customers should know that your business is right around the corner. Running geo-targeted ads and campaigns drives customers and calls to your website, but how can you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns if you don’t have analytics for those calls?

Implementing local call tracking numbers into your marketing campaigns can transform the way your customers communicate with your business. CallRail’s Local Swap feature keeps you covered no matter where your customers might be.

Local Swap™ for local marketing

CallRail’s Local Swap™ feature is the crème de la crème of dynamic marketing campaigns. When you add this feature to a website pool in your CallRail account, you gain all the call analytics you need to understand the customers you service locally and nationally.

Beyond adding numbers from local area codes to geo-target your visitors, you also have the option to add toll-free tracking numbers to your Local Swap™ pools. Adding a toll-free number to your pool maintains the national presence for your business in the event that non-local customer decides they want to spend their money with you.

Setting up Local Swap™ takes only a few minutes:

  1. Turn on Local Swap™ for your website pool.
  2. Add at least two Local Swap™ numbers to your website pool by choosing the area code(s) you want to service. (You can always add more than 2 numbers per area code, depending on your website’s traffic).
  3. Decide whether you’d like to add toll-free numbers to your pool to gather analytics on customers outside an area you service. This step is optional!

Then, when a customer visits your website, CallRail’s dynamic number insertion detects their IP address and shows them the Local Swap™ number closest to their location. If your customer isn’t calling from one of the areas represented in your number pool, they’ll still see a toll-free number (if you’ve added them to your Local Swap™ pool) so you can gather the insights you need on their call.

Looking for tips to upgrade your local marketing strategy? Check out this article on how service-based businesses can benefit from local marketing.

Call tracking for campaigns in every size

We’re in the business of making call tracking simple and seamless. Even if you’re not using CallRail’s Local Swap™ feature, we’re still able to provide you valuable insights on the callers and campaigns bringing revenue into your business.

With each tracking phone number you create, we’ll always provide you with valuable data about your caller, including the marketing channel that drove the call. This rings true whether you’re using source tracking numbers or visitor tracking pools — even without Local Swap™, you can still use location, caller ID, and city data to understand how location impacts your advertising efforts.

Why use local phone numbers?

  • Establish the local presence your company desires
  • Better target your marketing efforts geographically
  • Use your local phone numbers on newspaper advertisements, billboards, radio commercials, and other marketing channels that map to specific geographic locations
  • Position yourself locally and nationally by having the option to use toll-free numbers and local phone numbers
  • Budget your marketing spend according to what’s making your phone ring

If you’re ready to use CallRail’s advanced call tracking and analytics to boost your local marketing, you can start today: Begin your 14-day free trial of CallRail, or request a guided demo.