What are Offline Call Conversions?

Offline call conversions are phone leads originating from any campaign that is not displayed online. These include billboards, print ads, direct mail, advertisements over the radio or television, and more.


Benefits of Offline Marketing

Present day marketing often revolves around online marketing, whether it’s paid or organic. However, the traditional offline marketing methods can support your online presence and increase your traffic and revenue.

Many marketers have dismissed offline campaigns as this method can become expensive rather quickly. However, call tracking and analytics allow you to understand the effects of your marketing strategy and therefore enhance the quality of your offline campaigns. Fully understanding the effectiveness of both online and offline campaigns will enable you to allocate your marketing budget to the proper channels and improve ROI.


How to Track Offline Call Conversions

One of the best ways to track offline call conversions is through a call tracking software application like CallRail’s campaign-level call tracking. You can instantly setup toll free numbers for national advertisements or local numbers for a local ad, and begin tracking them immediately.

Each marketing channel, whether online or offline, should be given a different call tracking number in order to accurately track call conversions. Simply add the unique tracking phone number to the offline advertisement to see which phone leads originated from what campaign.  

Each unique phone number can then be forwarded to your main business number. Once call tracking is set up, in-depth data from all marketing channels will appear in your Lead Center dashboard to begin tracking your call conversions from both online and offline marketing channels.


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