The Newest Tool in Call Conversion: CallRail Copilot!

Improve sale conversion rates and customer service with real-time context to inbound calls

Our newest feature, CallRail Copilot, gives you insight that goes beyond simple caller ID. The real-time inbound call dashboard provides in-depth caller information gathered from connected email accounts, advertising campaigns, call logs, and premium caller ID databases. CallRail Copilot provides relevant, contextual information about the caller as the call is taking place, making it the perfect tool for sales and support teams who rely on inbound calls for new sales and service.

Giving Enterprise Level Call-Center Functionality to Small Businesses

CallRail Copilot is currently available out-of-the-box for both new and existing call tracking clients, giving small businesses call center functionality, previously only available to enterprise level businesses.

“We see a strong need for tools that enhance the customer’s experience over the phone. Call centers aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from this type of functionality–By equipping the agent answering the call with past caller activity, email correspondence and caller profile data, customer service becomes ‘custom’ service that’s able to focus on individual customer needs,” says Co-founder and CEO Andy Powell.

CallRail Copilot features CallRail’s integrated Google Analytics dashboard as well as an upgraded Visitor Timeline, showcasing communication history such as previous phone calls,  email correspondence, and social media profiles.