The Blind Spot in Your Analytics: The Phone Call

Have you noticed your company’s phone ringing more often over the past year? The Increased usage of smartphones has resulted in a rise in inbound calls. In fact, inbound calls for small and midsize companies increased by 24 percent in 2014.

In an age where two-thirds of Americans carry a smartphone your business telephone is no longer the wallflower that it used to be. Consumers are using these palm-sized computers to find, research and communicate with businesses that carry the products and perform the services they need. With so much functionality in one piece of technology, moving from search to browsing to calling has become so simple that it’s no surprise that inbound phone calls are on the rise.

You may be surprised to hear, however, that while businesses are enjoying more sales from these purchase-ready callers, many have no idea where the calls are actually coming from. The truth is that many companies are focused solely on social interactions and Google Ads (formerly AdWords) spend, completely overlooking their inbound calls and leaving a huge blind spot in their marketing dashboards. Marketers have become so invested in Ads tracking and spend, counting clickthroughs, and online conversions, that they’ve completely overlooked the power and financial impact of the telephone.