The do’s and don’ts of small business marketing

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on December 7, 2018
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Small business marketing isn’t easy. It can often feel like there are plenty of options — but not enough time or budget — to figure out what works. Marketing is never one size fits all, but these do’s and don’ts will help you keep your small business moving in the right direction. Don’t: Push your…

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GMB Messenger: What Businesses Need to Know Before Using It

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on August 31, 2017
small businesses open for GMB messenger

Last month, Google announced that businesses could choose to participate in messaging directly from their Google My Business (GMB) profiles. This option allows local businesses to connect directly with searchers to answer questions and potentially attract more in-store visits and conversions. In theory, the messenger is a huge step forward for more direct, search-to-business communication…

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As SMB Investment in Digital Increases, So Does the Need for Better Performance Metrics

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on January 30, 2015

They don’t have time. They’re usually fulfilling more than one role at their company. They know marketing is important and they’re bombarded, everyday, with solicitations from multiple vendors. The average small-to-medium-sized business is contacted three-to-five times per week by a salesperson pitching some sort of marketing product or service. These salespeople have good reason to…

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