What is image optimization?

Posted by
Melissa Garner
on May 11, 2018
A keyring against a white background.

Image optimization involves making your website images useful to both visitors and search engines. This includes techniques like reducing file sizes without sacrificing quality in order to increase site speed, or providing alt text for screen readers and search engines to identify what an image is about. Learn more about CallRail’s recommended SEO best practices……

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How much should you spend on PPC? Tips for setting a budget

Posted by
Zack Bedingfield at CallRail
on March 9, 2018
Overhead shot of crowded office desk

We collaborated with Justin Wagner at Adfinitely on this post. Adfinitely is an Atlanta-based company that provides marketing technology to multi-location businesses. If you’re interested in running a PPC campaign, it’s first important to figure out if running PPC for your business will even be profitable. Your margins will depend on myriad factors, and whether…

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A Brief Guide to SEO Tracking

Posted by
on December 12, 2016

“SEO” is one of those buzzwords that many claim to understand. The reality is that SEO isn’t a cut-and-dry formula; there are seemingly infinite factors at play that can influence your website’s ability to drive traffic. The overarching goal of SEO is to make improvements to a website with the goal of boosting organic traffic…

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