CAC and CPL 101: Why these metrics matter to agency clients

Posted by
Dedra Mitchell at CallRail
on September 10, 2018
image of businessman reviewing marketing dashboard on his laptop

Marketers that aren’t working on a million things at once just don’t exist. (And honestly, do we even want them to?) The ability to wear different hats is an admirable, sought-after trait in this competitive domain. But it can be complicated to manage multiple projects and thoroughly analyze how your work is performing. Getting the…

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7 ways to improve lead gen campaigns (and drive down CPL)

Posted by
karissa austin photo
on August 29, 2018
Image of a team strategizing during a business meeting

When it comes to focusing on lead-generation campaigns, quality and quantity matter –– but it’s by no means an easy balance. When you have a higher CPL, it’s important to factor in LTV (lifetime value) to make sure that your acquisition cost is profitable. In this post, we’ll review several simple ways you can make…

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Use Form Tracking to Capitalize On Your Inbound Leads

Posted by
on January 4, 2018
Origami Boats

More and more potential customers are using web-based methods to communicate with businesses or signal interest. These days, when a user submits a form through your website, they often expect lightning-fast response times. The quality of these inbound sales leads fades rapidly, so businesses that fail to follow up while leads are warm can miss…

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