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What is SEO?

Posted by
Melissa Garner
on February 27, 2018

What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the set of techniques and methodologies dedicated to improving online visibility for a website’s organic search rankings. All major search engines have primary search results and set algorithms to rank organic search results based on what’s most relevant to the user’s search query. SEO involves both on…

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How to Hire an SEO When You Don’t Know SEO

Posted by
on July 10, 2017
two people working together on a computer on search engine optimization

A few weeks back I presented at a small workshop for entrepreneurs, small business marketers, freelancers, and individuals in similar business situations. My presentation was geared toward helping people who don’t typically deal with SEO, covering the topic from a broad perspective and diving into the details from there. While I was talking to some…

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