Understanding the pros and cons of multichannel marketing

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karissa austin photo
on January 2, 2019
laptop surrounded by marketing channel icons

Gone are the days of old-school marketing where business ads were limited to billboards, radio, and print. In today’s digital world there are more channels than ever you can use to reach your customers, but multichannel marketing has its own pros and cons that are worth considering. Pros of multichannel marketing 1) Diversify your audience…

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Optimizing Google Ads for call tracking insights

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on September 4, 2018

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) helps you reach new and existing customers each time they browse the web. It’s one of the top advertising tools used by marketers and provides a huge amount of value by helping you better track your ad spend and ROI. CallRail’s Google Ads integration adds more power to your campaigns by…

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The missing metric: Why call tracking is a must for total attribution

Posted by
Dedra Mitchell at CallRail
on August 24, 2018
marketers working on laptops

Pinpointing when, how, and why conversions are happening is an ongoing challenge for marketers. Determining which metrics to track in order to gain a deeper understanding of conversions is even more difficult. Fortunately, there’s a solution: Attribution modeling. Attribution modeling provides insights that can help you better gauge how leads are interacting with campaigns and…

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Call tracking systems: Key to a complete attribution ecosystem

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on March 5, 2018
Backseat image of man talking on the phone while driving

Call tracking systems are a crucial part of a complete online and offline marketing campaign attribution system. Oftentimes, call tracking services and software serve as the adhesive that unites marketing efforts across all different planes. The modern marketing environment spans all devices, all mediums, and all moments in a potential buyer’s journey. A potential client…

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How Constellation Behavioral Health uses CallRail and Salesforce to solve the multi-touch attribution problem

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on September 14, 2017
salesforce integration

CBH shows how CallRail’s Salesforce integration brings attribution clarity to a challenging market Outpatient behavioral health treatment is a sensitive field in which patients seek help for mental health issues like addiction and families look for reassurance that their loved one is receiving the best possible care. In an industry like this, trust and accuracy…

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What is multi-channel attribution?

Posted by
Zack Bedingfield at CallRail
on June 6, 2017
Google Analytics Screen Shot

What is multi-channel attribution? Multi-channel attribution refers to the process of determining which marketing channels ultimately lead to a sale and giving each channel the appropriate amount of credit per its role in the sales cycle. How multi-channel attribution modeling helps marketers Multi-channel attribution helps sales and marketing teams determine which marketing channels and campaigns…

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