What is GDPR and how will it affect my business?

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on April 30, 2018
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GDPR, an acronym for General Data Protection Regulation, is a new set of rules in the European Union governing how personal data can be stored and used. It’s an update to the European Union’s 1995 Data Protection Directive, which served as the framework for this new version of the law. Starting on May 25, 2018,…

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A guide to Australian telemarketing and spam call laws

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on January 16, 2018
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Australian telemarketing law is similar to the anti-spam regulations you’ll encounter other Western nations, but there are still key distinctions that every advertiser must follow. While countries like the U.S. have relatively lax regulation around marketing communications, Australia’s consumer-protection laws are more robust. Australia has a set of national advertising regulations known as Australia Consumer…

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