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The missing metric: Why call tracking is a must for total attribution

Posted by
Dedra Mitchell at CallRail
on August 24, 2018
marketers working on laptops

Pinpointing when, how, and why conversions are happening is an ongoing challenge for marketers. Determining which metrics to track in order to gain a deeper understanding of conversions is even more difficult. Fortunately, there’s a solution: Attribution modeling. Attribution modeling provides insights that can help you better gauge how leads are interacting with campaigns and…

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Using attribution data for agencies: Retain clients, earn new ones, and make more money

Posted by
on August 14, 2018
using attribution data to earn more clients, grow agency revenue

We’ve all heard the buzzwords “data-driven marketing” in just about every industry article and every presentation at a marketing event. As tools for marketing attribution data and analytics have become more sophisticated and reliable, companies have come to depend on these numbers to perfect their campaigns, determine what is and isn’t driving leads, and figure…

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