With CallRail, Gravity Digital gives clients the attribution they need to ‘read the funnel from top to bottom’

Posted by
Jules Tompkins at CallRail
on September 17, 2019
how agencies can present more actionable metrics

Gravity Digital is a Houston-area full-service marketing agency that produces amazingly clever content assets like this video for their healthcare clients. When the Gravity team bundles these assets into a campaign, they’re focused on one thing: Driving more qualified website traffic for their clients.  But healthcare isn’t ecommerce. It’s not always simple to tie the…

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How to make your agency indispensable with data-driven marketing

Posted by
karissa austin photo
on January 15, 2019
agency marketing meeting

It’s 2019, and digital marketing isn’t all that groundbreaking anymore — especially for agencies. The industry has advanced to a point where if you aren’t doing some kind of digital marketing, you’re falling behind the times (and your competitors). But simply offering digital marketing services doesn’t cut it either. There are hundreds upon hundreds of…

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Why clients break up with their agencies

Posted by
Dedra Mitchell at CallRail
on September 26, 2018
agency marketer meeting with client

Agencies and their clients working together is like any relationship. In the beginning, your agency is courting a potential client. You want to show why you’re the best and convince them you’re the agency for them, ensuring long-term client retention. Some potential clients are already taken, others just aren’t interested, and some decide your agency…

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