How to optimize your contact forms to earn more leads

Posted by
Dedra Mitchell at CallRail
on August 5, 2019
CallRail form tracking

Savvy business owners know that earning high-quality leads through contact forms can be an uphill battle. A recent FormAssembly study revealed that, on average, only 27 percent of leads who fill out web forms are qualified. As discouraging as this might sound, designing a highly optimized contact form to help you qualify leads isn’t as…

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CallRail’s top 4 form tracking features & how to use them

Posted by
headshot of Anna Niles
on July 10, 2019
CallRail form tracking graphic

Introduction Introduction [Anna] All right, everyone, thank you for joining. We will go ahead and get started just a couple of housekeeping items. And thank you again for everyone joining our Part 2 Form Tracking series. If you do have questions, the phone lines are muted. But we definitely want to hear all of the…

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Use Form Tracking to Capitalize On Your Inbound Leads

Posted by
on January 4, 2018
Origami Boats

More and more potential customers are using web-based methods to communicate with businesses or signal interest. These days, when a user submits a form through your website, they often expect lightning-fast response times. The quality of these inbound sales leads fades rapidly, so businesses that fail to follow up while leads are warm can miss…

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