How CallRail and Digible helped a client cut CPL by 33%

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on April 9, 2018
this agency used callrail to help cut a client's CPL by 33 percent

Real estate marketing for rental properties can be similar to working with a franchise. You’ll serve many individual businesses who have similar strategic goals, yet also have their own unique quirks owing to geography, demographics, and the management style of their owner-operators. Digible is a Denver-based digital marketing agency specializing in advertising campaigns for multi-family…

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What is SEO?

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Melissa Garner
on February 27, 2018

What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the set of techniques and methodologies dedicated to improving online visibility for a website’s organic search rankings. All major search engines have primary search results and set algorithms to rank organic search results based on what’s most relevant to the user’s search query. SEO involves both on…

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2017 tech news: A year in review

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on December 19, 2017
Atlanta skyline

The year 2017 has seen seismic shifts in tech, business, world events, and everything in between. Whether you’re a marketer who’s just dipping their toes into the waters of digital advertising, or whether you’re a seasoned maestro of all things Big Data, your business will almost certainly be impacted by the events of 2017. As…

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What is Data-Driven Marketing?

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on December 7, 2017
Graphs from Call Attribution

What is Data-Driven Marketing? Data-driven marketing is the practice of leveraging a data set to push a marketing strategy for a product, place, or service. The data used for this kind of advertising can range from market research for identifying a target audience, to sales and customer interaction data. Advancements in marketing technology over the…

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