What are Google Ads Call-Only Ads?

Posted by
Zack Bedingfield at CallRail
on April 14, 2017
mac laptop open to google search users may encounter call only ads

What are Google Ads Call-Only ads? Google Ads (formerly AdWords) call-only ads are ads that can only appear on mobile and when clicked, call the number specified. A normal ad would take you to a specific webpage, but these ads can only call a specific number. How Does an Google Ads Call-Only Ad Work? A…

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Click-to-Call in the Age of Mobile Search Marketing

Posted by
on September 6, 2016

If you’ve ever conducted a Google search on your mobile phone and clicked the call icon to make a reservation at your favorite Italian restaurant, you’ve utilized click-to-call. Click-to-call is an intuitive way for you and your customers to quickly reach you over the phone, and if you’re implementing a search marketing program, click-to-call can be…

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