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Sagora Senior Living enjoys ‘eye-opening value’ from CallRail CPL reporting

Posted by
Jules Tompkins at CallRail
on February 22, 2019
group photo of Segora seniors

When Bret Forster joined the Sagora Senior Living marketing team last summer, one of his first priorities was, well, exactly what you’d expect from a new digital marketing manager: He wanted to know which campaigns and keywords were driving conversions, and which ones weren’t. Sagora operates more than 30 retirement communities in Alabama, California, Florida,…

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Mold Busters doubles daily call volume with call tracking

Posted by
on July 25, 2018
colorful housesA row of colorful houses

Most CallRail case studies begin with a little shoe-leather research on our end — we review our internal analytics, see which users and industries are the most active, and then reach out to do interviews with the most notable accounts we’ve discovered. It’s less common for a case study to come directly to us, but that’s…

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