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How to calculate automotive marketing ROI for your dealership

Posted by
Nick Jackson
on June 28, 2019
laptop on car engine

According to 2017 data collected by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), dealerships across the United States are spending over 55 percent of their advertising budget on internet ads. (This figure works out to an average monthly ad spend of $26,750 per month.) And this research tracks with another study of over 300 dealerships, which…

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How to create a marketing strategy for each part of the car buyer’s journey

Posted by
on June 21, 2019
Car on open road

There’s a simple truth when it comes to dealership marketing: You will not see sustained long-term growth in car purchases if you are depending only on walk-ins, large advertising banners, or television commercials. The battle for your customers will not be won with grand gestures, but with customer micro-moments and touchpoints. A slam dunk one-size-fits-all…

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